Being a girl boss isn’t all coffee shop work days with your bestie with Norah Jones playing softly in the background. Just behind the hustle and bustle of getting to be your kick butt creativepreneurial self or perfectly executing that week of social media, blog posts, & client calls is the nitty-gritty reality of it all—You know what I’m talking about.

Maybe it’s the 10-page list of Instagram post ideas that show no sign of coming into existence or facing the fact that you just spent 45 minutes reading the crazy reviews left about sugar-free gummy bears on Amazon. But let me tell you…there is redemption. For the very thing that steals our productivity and our motivation from us (read: our smartphones) can also be our saving grace. Sometimes this big ole world doesn’t act like it’s ready for female bosses like us. But that doesn’t mean women shouldn’t handle their careers like bosses in the business world.

We’ve pulled together an awesome list of apps that we personally LOVE that’ll help all you boss babes manage your time, get organized, & design with the best of ’em so that you can put your energy and money into doing what you do best!


Dropbox– This is SUCH an essential for me whether I’m at my computer or working from my phone or iPad on the go. Dropbox is an online cloud storage software & is great for sharing your files with other team members or future self! If I’m working on a project from my office computer, I throw it in my Dropbox account. Then I can grab it from any of my other devices later on. It also works great for uploading design files for a client because you limit each file or folder’s, viewers. I just upload their work & send them a private download link. (If you’re working with giant file sizes, check out WeTransfer for those!)

Google Calendar– Now we already know that Google pretty much runs the world. (for good reason.) Their products just work SO WELL! I’ve tried to switch out to other calendars, like Informant, mostly because I felt like I must be a newb for STILL using the old faithful Google Calendar. But I always come back! Danielle and I share mutual events with each other, keep a blog post calendar with reminders, and can color code our lives with no highlighters!

Apple Notes- This one is surprising, eh? I’ve come to really like the Notes app that comes stock on my iPhone ever since the sharing feature was added. I love to make lists and often times the only thing I have on me is my phone. I NEVER have a pen for some reason. *facepalm* I have a couple of lists on my phone for future blog posts and general ideas that I have shared with Danielle, that way they will auto-populate for her & she’s always inside my brain! Weird.

Trello– I’ll be honest…We are still getting the hang of this one. But we have BIG plans! Trello is a great tool for collaborating with team members on various projects, which have ‘cards’ within them, respectively. Those cards are the notes, proofs, lists, etc. about that project and keep everyone up-to-date. We have our SD Trello board broken up into posts that are drafted, in review, finalized, & posted, which keeps us organized and informed!

Feedly– There are too many of you awesome girl bosses out there for us to not want to keep up with you! I use Feedly to subscribe to other bloggers who inspire and encourage me. That way I can tap into that motivation whenever I need it.

Mosaico– Let’s put this one right here in the middle since it really bridges the gap between productivity and design. This one is new to me, but I’m seeing a lot of potential! Mosaico allows you to schedule out your Instagram posts ahead of time & get reminders when it’s time to post them…BUUUUT…you also get to see how they are all going to look collectively in your feed! If you’re like us and you’re working on making your IG look like a carefully curated mood board for your brand vs. a mashup of whatever happens to get thrown on there, then try it out and let us know what you think about it!


Canva– When you’re getting started, sometimes you just don’t have the money for a Photoshop subscription right away. Or you’re like me and have Photoshop, but you’re sometimes far too lazy to be messing with all those buttons every time you need to make a simple graphic. Enter Canva, stage left. This lovely lady comes with a ton of great templates formatted for various platforms (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) and if you’re using it on your iPad or Desktop, you can customize the dimensions yourself. The font selection is really good and I always love the outcome! I use this on a daily basis for making quick Instagram pics, Facebook announcements, and more!

Adobe Spark– And this one is my backup! I do like the template options for Canva a little more, but Adobe Spark is a CLOSE second. Here you’ve got the same basic idea. It’s a simple design program with built-in templates, fonts, etc. formatted for all your social media needs. I tend to just switch back and forth between Canva and Spark. At least until I find exactly what my little creative heart is looking for that particular day.

Afterlight– Why don’t our eyeballs come with built-in filters?! Sometimes our photos need a little help before we send them your way because Danielle and I are NOT photographers. But we have tools! And Afterlight is pretty bomb for tweaking the lighting, contrast, and such or just throwing on a hipster filter.

Cameo– This last one is my new fave that I’m working on finding a spot for! Cameo lets you pull videos from your Camera Roll and splice them together, trim each one, add some professional filters, music & starting sharing in a snap. I’m envisioning some really cool clips of office life, community inspiration, and Harper’s shenanigans showing up on Instagram in no time!

If you already use or decide to try any of these apps out. Leave us a comment and let us know how it’s working for you!