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Tips to Launching a Creative Brand

Dearest darlings! I’m so excited to be writing this post because it’s the first collaborative post from both Chelsea and myself (Dani). In our adventures here at Blush House we get the opportunity to chat and hear from people all over, most of which have a passion or desire to take all the goodness happening in that brilliant mind of theirs and put it to good use. You know what, that’s what we’ve started here and we think it’s time for us to share some of our tips with you. Here are our Tips to Launching a Creative Brand

Whether you are a painter, writer, maker, or just a little crafty after you’ve got a bought of inspiration from Pinterest, we want to pour into that spirit of creativity nesting on the inside of you. We were created to create and there is so much potential in the hearts of all of our readers. We want to take this opportunity to give back a little of what we’ve learned along the way. (xo Chelsea)

So here goes:

Our Tips to Launching a Creative Brand

Strategize, Plan, Learn

Dani: If I’m honest I got started with the blog on a whim. I knew I loved to write and had a lot of thoughts and ideas running through my brain and needed to get them out. I get the chance to speak occasionally but rarely to the people who care about the BIG stuff happening in my head. So, I picked a name and started writing. It wasn’t until just recently that it dawned on us to start researching and learning from other successful Blogs and Social Media experts.

If you want to get started- do the research first. There are so many free trainings to sign up for (we’ll even send you some links if you’d like). Know your audience and figure out what they are wanting to hear about. Above everything be willing to learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. We can’t take ourselves so seriously that we don’t ask for help. We can never grow that way.

Chelsea: I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve started a blog in the past, written a few entries over the course of a few months, and eventually let it fall to the wayside. I could never commit because there was no purpose to WHY I was writing anything in the first place. In hindsight, I don’t think I had much of a handle on my own purpose back then, so my creations, regardless of the size or importance, were lacking. The last couple of years have been a beautiful development in my creative passions & SD has absolutely grown out of that. When I put a plan to my passions, things started happening. It’s still such a small endeavor, but we love to learn and be in the rooms full of people who know so much more than us. That’s where growth happens!

Decide YOUR brand and your look

Dani: This is the most fun part. I started out on a free blogger platform and just used stock everything. It was horrible I had no clue what I was doing. Figuring out what to do or who to ask for help seemed like the biggest hurdle. I’m so thankful for Chelsea and her ability to bring things to life because I knew what I wanted and she did it.

Regardless of whether you use a free platform or if you are paying for your website (ps. I will always suggest WordPress over Blogger. Even free templates look well put together. SECRET: This is a free template and I’m a big fan of our website!) If you are trying to get yourself, ideas, services, or products out there it is VITAL you look like you know what you are doing. Be original! If you need some design help or inspiration shoot us an email! We’d be so pumped to help you bring your vision to life!

Chelsea: In discovering what SincerelyDarling was going to look like, we had to first figure out who we were as individuals & then what we looked like together. That sounds so weirdly abstract! Let me explain. When I think of Dani, I think sparkles & Spring. But me…I like moody colors & more metallic than sparkly. So how do we bring those two visions together? With common threads of hand-lettering & watercolors! Don’t just design your brand based on the current trends or pick a logo from an affordable “over-the-counter” logo creator. Be YOU! Make sure that who you are as an individual and your vision for your brand reflects in every element that you put out there.

Take inspiration but NEVER steal ideas

Dani: I can’t stress this enough! I plunder through Pinterest and Etsy all through the night for inspiration. It is important to know what’s catching people’s eyes these days. There are just rules between creatives that allow us to build from each other- just don’t flat out steal our ideas. We worked hard on them. Whether we are talking about products, content, or branding we have to be so careful here. It can cause major hurt and potentially legal battles if we aren’t careful. I know this sounds harsh but, friend, I’m looking out for you and your reputation. You are gifted with so much individuality so embrace that in this world of creatives. There is enough creativity to go around.

Chelsea: There’s a special, but weird bond that a creative has with their artwork. A real love/hate relationship, if you will. Sometimes the thing that you’ve spent days or weeks on ends up being a piece that you hide in your closet to never see the light of day, but that quick sketch or short story you worked up in 10 minutes is the dearest love of your life. As a maker, you have a unique attachment to the things you develop out of yourself & our responsibility as friends in this great artistic endeavor of life is to respect that attachment. Admire & encourage each other! Be inspired by the creations of others, but always strive to be respectful of what others have made by never taking TOO much inspiration from others.

Get Started

Dani: Whatever your dream is- do it! People need what you have to offer and hoarding those ideas and gifts don’t benefit anyone. 1 Peter 4:10 says “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace:” That’s what we aim to do here at SD. We want to serve you by offering insight, community, and pretty things to encourage you on your daily adventures through this life. We want you to do the same. So, get started!

Chelsea: I always heard that “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. Now I know as a grown up, that’s not exactly the case. We are given gifts from God and those are never redacted because we were lazy with them, but they do get cobwebs & get a little stiff from a lack of use. Never let your gifts become rigid and underused out of a feeling of fear of stepping out into something new. All it takes is the first step!

Bring others along

Dani: I’ll say this a million times- never feel like you are in competition with another person in this creative endeavor or in life. I love that this type of platform if honored correctly, will give others the chance to take what God has so generously poured out to them and blossom and encourage and reach others. Our job is to help each other- not stifle each other out of fear of loss of business or influence. If we know our skills and what we can offer then we can feel secure when something is out of our skill set and refer clients to someone else. If we can be confident in ourselves and abilities and we are really aiming to serve those around us then community among our fellow creatives isn’t hard.

Chelsea: Honesty moment…This is the hardest thing for me sometimes. It’s just so hard not to compare yourself and your skill level with others, especially those on a similar path. As creatives (and as people in general) our default reaction is to disqualify ourselves when placed next to others. I am immensely thankful that at the end of the day, it’s not a worry I have to bear because I’m qualified to walk in my every passion solely based on the grace and mercy of God. I hold on tight to that bit of reassurance because it reminds me that I’m not in competition.  I’m in community.

We are incredibly thrilled that we are surrounded by so many wonderfully talented people. I can’t stress this enough- if you have a vision and need some tips, tricks, or design help don’t hesitate. Send us an email. We will let you know how we can help and we will encourage you along the way!

So, do you have a desire to get something started? Did any of our points resonate with you? Tell us in the comments! We want to chat with YOU!