5 Ways to Start Working from Home TODAY as a Virtual Assistant


Oh, girl! What if I told you that there is a VERY real opportunity for you to start working from home today. No MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), no buying into someone else’s product, just using your skills- basic or expert – and you can keep all your profit and not a percentage.

I’m totally serious. It’s a magical world of being a VA.

Whether you have specialized skills, or you have no idea what your skills are it is totally possible- there is literally something for everyone. What I’m saying is- if you want to be a stay at home mom, travel, or maybe want the side income of $300 to $1,000 a month then, honey, being a VA is RIGHT up your ally. You can decide your personal schedule/hours/days to work. So, whether you want to work 10 hours a week or 40- the choice is yours.

Feels like a scam? NOPE! We’ve done it (and are making an average of $2,000/mo) and want to share the knowledge that we have learned by sharing some of the most common and easy to dive into jobs in this online/VA community. Today I’m giving you 5 Ways to Start Working from Home Today as a Virtual Assistant

Let’s check out some options to get started, shall we??

5 Ways to Start Working from Home Today as a Virtual Assistant

Email Management/General VA

For someone who is wanting to get their feet wet in the VA/Online working community, email management and/or general admin services would be a place to could get started. A general VA offers a wide variety of services all centered around typical admin/office duties- answering phones, document creation & management, scheduling, data entry, and some level of social sharing etc.
Now, Email Management is a more basic skill that includes one small area of general VA tasks.  So if you are organized and do well with creating systems, such as; email management, draft templated emails, admin services, and calendar management then this a perfect foundation to build on. What are some tasks you could expect to perform with email management? In a nutshell- you could be responding to leads and when a project is wrapped up you may be responsible for calendar management, following up, sending all deliverables, and snagging those handy dandy testimonials.

Virtual Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper VA’s are for those who want to specialize in accounts payable, accounts receivable, pay vendors, subcontractors are paid, invoices are sent out, weekly or monthly they would keep up with the company’s books. Keeping up with books would include balancing account and figuring out profit or loss. **This VA job is not considered a CPA.** Though it is highly recommended that bookkeepers have a relationship with a CPA that they trust.

Pro Tip: Connect with a CPA that understands the types of businesses you are working with. It will make all the difference!

As an example- If Blush House Media was to deal with bookkeeping services {which we do not! We actually have a CPA that specializes in online business and has a team of bookkeepers. She knows ins and the outs, like taxes, of being a CPA and all that it entails.} we would only handle basic bookkeeping needs with instruction from a CPA. AND we would NEVER do taxes for someone else.
Bookkeepers should not do others taxes. People go to school to specialize in being a CPA for those purposes. Even though a Bookkeeper isn’t a CPA and may not make as much as a CPA. Bookkeepers can make up to $25-$30 an hour. The only reason CPA ’s make more is because they regularly have to go to training and have to constantly be aware of tax laws. But, many businesses are seeking bookkeepers and they are contracting out for it regularly!

*BONUS* As book keepers, if you specialize in money management you could have a special money management coaching session for personal finances and business finances. Those who are looking for help with book keeping may also want to understand how to manage money well. Doing these sessions could build reputation and get your name recognized as an expert. WIN!!

Copywriting/Ghost Writing

Copywriting and ghostwriting is a specialized service for those who are great at writing. Starting out Blush House Media would charge $20 per blog post and then created packages around that. Others like to take a per word approach and charge 5-10 cents per word. Copywriting is a FANTASTIC niche because people often don’t feel confident in their writing skills.
Typical jobs- even at entry level- could be: writing emails, copy for their websites, courses, speeches, etc. The starting out price for this would be around $25 and as you specialize more you can raise your prices. There are some people who charge up to $1,000 per blog post because they include INCREDIBLE SEO services.

Social Media Manager

Yep, you read that right. People are paying others to run their social media accounts. Some social media outlets you can work with are Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Even some businesses are figuring out how to utilize Snapchat to promote their business. You can see that Buzzfeed, Tastemade, Brother, and countless others have found a way to use Snapchat efficiently. No matter what social media platform it is, social media managers can go in and post graphics, respond to posts, or target an audience. Businesses generally like for you to create your own graphics so that it is original and not copyrighted.

Graphic Designer

Speaking of creating your own graphics, a graphic designer is another type of specialized VA. Whether in photoshop, illustrator or in Canva those who have skills dealing with graphic designs can utilize these tools to create what a business is looking for. A business may be looking for graphics for their websites, social media graphics, print materials, eBooks, stationary, business cards, etc. There are many options for graphic design. So if you have the eye for it or it is something that you are willing to learn there are almost endless possibilities. Some graphic designers are charging up to $150 per graphic. Then there are some who are starting out only charge $20 because they are still learning.

If you didn’t believe me before… TADA! These are only 5 of the COUNTLESS options to get you on your way to working from home. The beauty of this industry is you can customize your business, skills, etc into anything that works for your lifestyle. Chelsea and I have had the privilege of coaching several ladies into launching and growing their online biz- from SCRATCH and they are doing INCREDIBLE! When you decide to get started, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you get started in the right direction!

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