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Meet Dani
Spend more than 3 minutes talking with me and you will quickly realize I am visionary through & through!

When my husband and I moved to a new city with our {then} two-week old miracle daughter I knew something needed to be different about this adventure. Within a matter of two weeks, my whole life was a blank slate and I could choose to sit in despair & fear or I could charge ahead and see what the possibilities were in the middle of {what seemed to be} nothingness.

I tried and failed hysterically at many things but I didn’t stop. I couldn’t. So much was riding on my finding myself on this journey. Soon it became clear- I fall in love with the visions of others and find my drive when I can help them see their heart’s passion come to life. Whether I’m speaking on a stage, working with a client, brainstorming with my {super awesome} husband, or meeting with the incredible ladies I get to mentor- being an advocate for dreams is in my creative DNA. THAT’S where I’m most fulfilled!

When we chat {and GOODNESS do I love a good chat!} there are 3 things guaranteed to happen.

  1. My daughter,Harper, is almost surely going to bust in on the conversation. This funny little toddler thinks she runs this business. {She just might!}
  2. I’m going to get some level of emotional about who you are and the story behind your brand. I catch passion unnaturally quickly and I will feel like I’ve met the most incredible human on the planet. It happens every time.
  3. We are going to genuinely like each other. Between your stunning ability to human & my deep rooted affection for people like you- we will be fast friends I’m sure!

So, until we talk please know I’m thrilled that you have found Blush House. It’s my home, my heart, and my mission! Please feel most welcome here!

Meet Chelsea

I’m not sure what fact about me you should know first. So, I’ll put them in a list because, well… I just really love a good list:


  • I LOVE to nerd out. Star Wars, Science,  Harry Potter, Disney Villains- I’m obsessive and a hardcore fan. It’s nonsense and great all at once.
  • I make things pretty. That’s almost a joke but then, actually true. Oftentimes I’m contemplating the beauty in the mess around me or I’m just creating something that’s been locked inside this brain for too many days. 
  • I’m a diehard friend. I’m loyal through and through and once you have me in your corner its dang near impossible to shake me.
  • Some would call me a world traveler- I just say I like to frequent Epcot at Disney. However you want to put it, I like to be on the move. 

Here’s the thing you really should know about me, though. I wasn’t always on the path to being an entrepreneur. Once upon a time I was a biology major and then all of the sudden I was working in a cubical where I somehow worked my way into a Creative Director position. I just had to keep dreaming and that cubical was getting awfully cramped.


If there is anything you can expect to get from me in this new friendship, it’s this- I’ll encourage you on your worst day {I’m annoyingly optimistic} and I’ll make you look good throughout your journey. I’ll also probably mail you a Starbucks or Amazon gift card because I’m just nice like that. 

Whatever brought you to my home here on the internet I hope you find exactly what you were looking for {and then some!}

Be sure to say hello! I’ve been itching to have another cup of coffee & a chat with a friend anyway!

Talk Soon!


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