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The Girls

Everyone loves a good elevator pitch… but ours goes a bit deeper.

As a pair of ladies running a business we can tell you that we partner with heart-centered resourcers to help them elevate their design & manage their growth.

And that would be true. It is true. But we want to break that down a bit further for you.

We are Dani & Chelsea and our heartbeat is to empower women with everything we put our mind and hands to do. 

As a mom, Dani is raising two strong girls who are bound to shake things up in the world. Together we encourage them to grow, do, and dream of something that’s not been seen yet.

As friends we prove that two women can build each other up, value individual strengths, celebrate day-to-day life, and run a successful business together. 

As business owners we dive into the trenches to advocate for the success of women.

Here is how we do that…

  • We work with women who are making an impact. Every client we interview must meet one certain criteria- they want to give more than they want to profit. Sure, everyone has financial goals but the women we work with always have a desire to serve first.
  • Our team is built & run by women. Every team member is encouraged to own her space. As a business Blush House invests in the future goals of each team member. Whether our ladies want to stay with us forever or develop their own business we value mentorship and invest in their future however we can.
  • Giving is the motivator behind everything we do. Every month The Blush Ladies find an organization that resources, houses, or brings value to women and we give 10% of that month’s income to that organization.

Know this. You matter to us.

Your vision. Your mission. Your passion. We take it seriously because we know what it took to build your story. We can’t wait to help you tell it so others can write their own.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to see powerful women share what they’ve built with the world. Taking our minds & our hands, marrying it with our hearts to collaboratively see the success of every woman we work with.

Our vision? That’s something we could talk about all day. We can’t wait to see Blush House serve women in business & in life. Opening a real-life Blush House that takes everything we do in our day-to-day business operations and teaches that to young women who didn’t have the best hand dealt to them. We look forward to providing housing, counseling, training, and breaking the cycle of brokenness and poverty. 

It’s all about women around here!



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