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Everything You Need to Start a Podcast

We all have a certain Podcast we love and listen to on the daily, right? I mean, they are the new up-in-coming of what used to be radio. Unlike Pandora and Spotify which are mostly just music based, podcasts have a lot more depth and length to them. It’s not uncommon...

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DIY vs. Designer | A Deep Dive into Branding Options

DIY vs. Designer. That is the question. [or a really good HGTV show idea... but that's for another conversation...] So in our last post, we gave you our BEST tips and tricks for rolling up your sleeves and giving your logo the old college try. But today we want to...

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Why Is Mindset Essential to Growing Your Business?

Quick! What’s the one thing that is going to push the needle on your business, your client relationships, and ultimately your income? Hustle, right? The harder you work the further you’ll get? Nope, not even close girlfriend. The key that unlocks all the steps you...

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How to Look Like a Pro on Instagram

Listen, friend, your social presence + how you show up for your audience is so important. And SO much easier than you think! Today we want to give you our strategy for coming up with + implementing a social strategy that is gripping, compelling, and makes you look...

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Must-Haves for a Glam Home Office

Alright, ladies! We've put together some incredible goodies for you in this here round-up post. Today we are talking Must-Haves for a Glam Home Office. We've got everything from The Blush Ladies very own pink couch {YES, we really own this couch! We love it so!} to...

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Solving the Question: What to Call Yourself as a VA

What’s in a name? That’s the question I found myself asking as I started this Virtual Assisting journey. What in the world do I call myself?! I didn’t like the ring of assistant because it has an employee vibe and I’m not an employee. I’m  contractor. I don’t work FOR...

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How to Work Around Shadowbanning

Getting our businesses/brands out there is number 1 in any solopreneurs world. Social media is our number one platform. So what happens when social media does some (seemingly) shady things behind the scenes? Easy. We rally together and figure out the problem and sort...

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