Custom VA Packages

We know your business is unique and has unique needs. The benefit of Blush House is the ladies behind it. We specialize in very different areas which means when you bring us onto your team you are getting two VA’s with mad skills in the respective areas.

When considering what it means for you to have a business that is something special we know you will need a package that is perfect for you.

As you determine what your business needs are our goal is to be the team you choose to bring stability, growth, and a long term relationship that gives your brand a developmental edge.

We offer a wide variety of specialties:

  • Copywriting Services
  • Design Services
  • Admin Services {Such as email management, content sharing, process optimization, calendar management basic bookkeeping, etc}

Any of our services can be packaged
together to suit your fancy.

Let's Get This VA Party Started!

We’d enjoy nothing more than getting a chance to chat about your specific needs.

My VAs are amazing! For any of my biz friends looking for a VA, the two ladies running Blush House Media are incredible! They save my sanity every single day! Marissa Wood

Pinterest Strategist, Blue Fairy Studios