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We know the struggle.

You have a vision, a mission, a desire to see your creative passion come to life and, to be honest, we’ve been right smack in the middle of that struggle ourselves. We’ve wanted the freedom to travel, build our families, and inspire the stunning masterminds that were all around us.

We took obscene amounts of courses. Read copious amounts of literature on turning your freelance endeavor into a business and this is what we realized:

With every ounce of fierceness we can muster- we must be ourselves!

And this is who we are…

We are your most tenacious brand advocate.

Blush House Media exists for one reason- to walk with you {virtual hand in virtual hand} and make the vision in your head come to life. Whether you need stellar design that brings life, identity & vitality to your brand that can only come from the ever so talented Chelsea Walls, the dynamic and enrapturing brand voice that attracts your dream client that Dani Craig so effortlessly crafts or the behind the scenes admin & strategy help your creative soul is so desperately craving

How about we trade?

We’ll give you some time back if you give us your overwhelm. Afterall, isn’t friendship all about a little give and take?

Take a stroll through our services and experience the goodness that comes with knowing you’ve landed in the Blush House- your home for peace of mind.

Our Services


It’s not just about the logo. The overall cohesiveness of your aesthetics, message, voice, and culture shape your branding. This is such a great first step!


This visual search engine & incredible social community can give your business a boost by driving traffic where you need it and cultivating a new collection of lovely clients. 

Web Design

We are all about creating a website that is more than just a flat page. It becomes a home for your brand. We value easy navigation, searchability, and beautiful interface that you can be proud of.

Social Media

Growing an active social community behind your brand is key to brand recognition and requires a well-crafted plan, consistent engagement, and analytic reporting behind the scenes.

Graphic Design

Your visual identity tells the message of your brand and creates a impact with your audience. Well designed print and web elements establish a professional image and a lasting impression with your client.


Whether it’s email communication, a course launch, opt-in development, or just business scaling, this is where we thrive in meeting the specific needs and objectives of YOUR business.

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