DIY vs. Designer. That is the question. [or a really good HGTV show idea… but that’s for another conversation…]

So in our last post, we gave you our BEST tips and tricks for rolling up your sleeves and giving your logo the old college try.

But today we want to give you all the pros (and cons) of DIY vs. Designer for your logo and branding so you can decide for yourself which is best for you and your business.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

If you’ve been following us for any amount of time, you know we’re thrifty ladies. But, there is something to be said about the ease of handing your vision off to someone and seeing it come to life. This is a MAJOR pro of hiring a designer. You give them some key points you’re looking for and a rough outline of your visions, and wha-la! right in you inbox pops a pretty little done for you logo delivered in all the formats necessary. (And! probably produced in a program that provides higher quality output,)

Don’t have any clues where to start? Is your “vision” a little fuzzy? Another pro of hiring a designer is the availability of creative collaboration. Designers are creatives by nature, backed by science. Say what? That’s an oxymoron — we know that’s what you think, but stick with us. Creatives know scientifically what attracts your ideal customer and what repels them. If you are trying to sell fire extinguishers, you might not want a cool, calming, blue toned logo. And visa versa, a yoga studio should probably rethink a neon red and yellow logo as well. A designer can help gently steer you in the right direction to make sure stand out in your field, while not absolutely repelling your customer base. To take this concept a step further, a designer can help advise you on how to remain consistent in all your branding across all platforms.

That sounds Ah-mazing! So what’s the catch?

While nothing in life is ever all rainbows and butterflies, there are some down sides to hiring a designer; if you would even consider them downsides.

Designers cost money. We’re all just trying to make a dolla dolla bill ya’ll, and designers are no different.  While the price can vary widely based on skill set, number of years designing, and demand; hiring a designer will most certainly cost more than DIY’ing your logo and branding. If you’ve got the cash flow, we say go for it! Hiring a designer now, may save you money down the line by negating the need for a rebrand when you become more established.

Logo Design Pricing Guide

Another con is turnaround time. If you need a logo tomorrow, sorry sister, you’re probably not getting it from a designer. Because of the collaborative nature of working with designer there are proofs, and revisions, and back and forth.  That means if you’re on a time crunch it may be best to give it a go yourself since you can bring your vision to life much quicker.

And this turn around time doesn’t even take into account the time spent on the front end sourcing a designer that fits your design style and aesthetic. No two creatives are made the same. You wouldn’t seek out a graffiti artist to do a custom watercolor painting for your grandma’s living room, right? Same with graphic designers, you have to find one that aligns with your style and that can take a bit of research time.

“So thanks Blush Ladies for your insight on designers, whatcha got for me for DIY’ing?”

Don’t worry girl, we’ve got some gems.

Why the D-I-Y might be for the Y-O-U

Most women are type A. Not stereotyping, just being real. And, it can be hard to give up that control sometimes even when we know we might need to, right? (#selfcare) But we know with our business, something we’re so close to it can be extra difficult. The good thing about DIY’ing your logo and branding is that you have COMPLETE creative control over what you put out. It has your name on it, and you know it’s exactly what you want because it has you 100% stamp of approval.

This also means that if you need a logo tomorrow, you can work through the night to get it done. The turnaround time is often quicker because you don’t have to spend time collaborating, bouncing around ideas, and doing revisions. However, as a word of caution. If you think you need that collaboration to bring something beautiful to life. Sorry to say girlfriend, you’re on your own. (Or you can ask a toddler, as we’ve come to find out they have STRONG options and no problem telling them)

DIY’ing your own logo and branding can also provide you with on the fly education to add a new skill to your toolbox. It might help you figure out that you love or hate design work. Either way is okay, you can at least say you tried so you have the first hand knowledge. Better to learn on your own projects than a clients.

And the no brainer pro of DIY logo…it’s free-ish. Your paying a designer for their time. When you are doing it yourself, you’re not paying someone for their time. (However, you are taking away billable hours from yourself. Bigger concept… more on that later)  You may have small costs that you have to pay to purchase the programs necessary (Canva, Illustrator, ect) to create the logos, or possibly even classes to teach you to learn the programs. But the actual designing and building of the logo is free.

Which leads us into our cons….

DIY’ing can be difficult without upfront knowledge and skill. It will take time to learn the programs, learn the psychology of design branding, and really putting something together that looks good. The learning curve can be steep.

This means the time you spend learning insteading of pitching or working on client work which makes you the moolah!

So, all things considered, there is no right way or wrong way to go about doing your logo design. You just have to pick the way that suits you best.

Pop a comment below and tell us your logo story. How did it come to life?