In the ever-growing online space, it’s becoming more and more difficult to reach out and connect with people on a human level. With so much noise it’s tough to stand out and get people to not only hear you, but trust you, follow up, and ultimately buy what you’re selling.  
That’s why, in our opinion, reaching people in their most coveted space is key in 2019. Email marketing is (in our humble opinion) the number one way to connect with your audience. That’s why we wanted to cover Email Marketing for the Online Business of 2019

It’s the space that you should be giving the most value away, sharing your story authentically, and giving opportunity for genuine engagement. Being invited into someone’s inbox is like an invite to the swankiest party. You worked hard to get there, and now is your time to shine. You have your one reader’s undivided attention, make the most of it.

As with any marketing tactic, there are some do’s and don’ts. If you provide real, authentic content, without wasting people precious inbox bandwidth, you will have followers for life. So check out our tips and tricks for how to make the most of your email marketing strategy below:

Let’s look at the DOs & DON’Ts of Email Marketing for the Online Business of 2019

DO: Share your story in an authentic way that connects with your audience and gives them clarity, camaraderie, and hope for their journey.  DONT: just talk about yourself. The reason so many people are drawn to Sara Blakely’s SPANX story is because they hear her struggle, her rise from a fax machine saleswoman who sold a buyer on the idea of SPANX in the ladies bathroom of a department store. Because they feel connected and hopeful. Not because she is a multi-million dollar success story, she’s super pretty,  and “here….go buy some SPANX.” Sara shares her story to connect to her audience on an authentic level that meets them where they are, she uses her time (and her buyers time) wisely.

(If you haven’t heard the story of Sara Blakely and the birth of SPANX, we HIGHLY recommend her podcast episode from “How I Built This”)

DO: Use your emails to market your products, but DON’T: ONLY sell in your emails. People hate spammy emails shouting sales and new promos all the time. We can assure you friend, if you’re always promoting and never providing value, you are on the fast track to unsubscribesville.

DO: use your email list to gauge interest in new product launches and do market research. DON’T: bombard people with content that isn’t relevant to them. While using your email list as an idea springboard is a good idea, make sure your brilliant brainstorms are relevant to the audience you’re polling. If your list consists mostly of fellow VA’s learning how to level and upscale their VA business, it’s probably not a good idea to send a mass email soliciting interest in the newest line of herbal supplements that your thinking to start selling. Stay in your lane, know you are and what you offer.

DO: GET VULNERABLE. In the grand picture of the Brand Funnel- Emails should be the space that is MOST you, transparent, and raw. The people on your list reached out to you, gave you their email, and made a mark in the sand stating “I’m here to hear what you’re saying.” Stand confident on that and deliver.

We promise, once you start becoming consistent in your email marketing you will begin to see the desired fruits of your labor.

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Email Marketing for the Online Business of 2019