There is a secret about Blush House that not many people know.

We have minimally niched our ‘target audience.’

Working with creative women who are passionate about their impact on the world is about as far as we’ve gone. And, honestly, even in that we still work with a few really rad guys! We’re just suckers for a good business + incredible humans.

Something else that many people may or may not know is that we’ve never directly marketed our business. We’ve connected in many Facebook Groups + have made our fair share of ‘pitch comments’ but really we are consistently trying to connect in the communities we are a part of.

And it’s worked. Our messaging is clear, our voice is intentionally crafted, and we know what our value is. We have broad value (i.e. graphic design, copywriting, course creation, strategy, admin services, email marketing, and even social media management.) With all of those services + such a wide range of clients most people are curious how we’ve made our business work when the ‘experts’ tell you to niche down.

It’s all about brand voice. Messaging is key. So, let’s chat about How to develop a brand voice that converts – even when you don’t have a niche

#1 Be authentic with your communication

People can spot someone who is trying to talk outside of their natural language and trying to duplicate someone else’s methods of lead outreach doesn’t always come of as ‘real’. What other’s do works for them. So, discover what works for you.

Our best tip- figure out why your passionate about your business + the incredible resource you are. When you find that your messaging will become clear + the people that need you will be drawn to you.

#2 Be consistent in communication

This is layered. Not only does your voice + tone need to be consistent on various platforms but what you are talking about should be consistent as well.

Oftentimes it takes multiple posts, interactions, etc. to cause someone to remember who you are + what you offer. In our line of work there is a sea of people who offer similar services. Your voice + your perspective + your individuality is what will set you apart. Don’t underestimate the power of consistency and patience.

#3 Be intentional with communication

For our clients we develop something called a Brand Funnel. We take a full step back, look at the business + brand as a whole, and create a tailored funnel through each online platform of their business to send their audience on a journey to brand loyalty.

We have learned that quality design + gripping language will compel the reader to learn more about the brand and the people behind it.

So, take a step back from your business and determine what messaging is appropriate for each platform. Instagram, Blog Posts, Facebook, Emails, etc… all of these elements of communication require different types of strategy. BUT, if you look at each one for what it’s strengths are, your content calendar will fill up with a range of value!

The takeaway…

It’s impossible to give you every bit of feedback in one blog post. Your brand voice is something is identified through intentional conversation + heart to heart moments of development. BUT, you’ll get there.

What you do, this entrepreneur journey you’re on, it’s necessary. You offer so much to this community and we’re sure you’ll figure it out!

We do have a resource we’d be happy to share with you! From our Biz in a Box collection, we developed a Brand Voice Questionnaire. It walks you through the exact process we use to find + fine tune our client’s voice.
Click HERE to snag the Brand Voice Questionnaire! This is FLASH Freebie! It’s soon to go live in our shop!

If you need more clarity + a strategic sounding board we’d love to take some time + have a virtual coffee date. We’ll help you craft your messaging + offer some tips on a strong Brand Funnel.
Click HERE to get on our calendar + schedule that chat!

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How to Develop a Brand Voice that Converts