We all know that having a Facebook business page is an obvious move when trying to build credibility in the online space [shameless plug: you should totally check ours out. It’s pretty cute ;)] But the real catapult to connecting with your people, to really grow your business, is going to come from utilizing the group’s feature on Facebook. Honestly, the way Facebook is changing the algorithm game, we thought it was high time to talk about the importance of how to use a Facebook Group to grow your business in 2019.

If you know what the focus of your business is- in our case, it’s to help ladies grow [increase profits] and scale [expand influence] then our FB group needed to be an in-depth, real-time resource that gave us direct access to our audience. We knew we needed an overhaul/refocus this year & the results have been incredible! We also knew we NEEDED to grow our business in 2019. It all started with correcting our mindset and then we found a FREE 5 Day Challenged focus on FB group growth which has made all the difference! We are going to share some of what we learned with you and, don’t you fret, we will also send you to the free challenge we used. It’s incredible. [not an affiliate… just big fans!]

Link to our blog Why is Mindset Essential to Growing your Business – https://blushhousemedia.com/2019/05/23/why-is-mindset-essential-to-growing-your-business/

Link to Christina Jandali’s FREE Facebook groups challenge – 


We wanted to share 4 ways we found to provide an Authentic Facebook group with your viewers to grow your business + those who are following you:

2. You need to know what you want to offer people + who you are.

 If you’re unsure of what you want then others aren’t going to take a second look. You have to be certain of your brand and confident in what you are offering! Make sure to gauge your audience based on who YOU are + who THEY are!

2. Figure out what type of audience you want to serve + where they are.

 The type of people you’re going to serve and where they are located says a lot about your business so keep that in mind while branding, producing products, & advertising. Knowing your audience can give you that extra advantage to boost your business forward quickly + efficiently. 

3. Figure out how you want to communicate with them.

Part of knowing who your audience is includes being aware of the best way to communicate with them. For instance: with our group, we don’t have specific days scheduled out for certain events (Promo day, Blog day) because we wanted The Blush Social to be more conversational but you + your audience may need a more structured environment. Be comfortable switching it up as well. Maybe you start unstructured and later decide to have dedicated posting threads. Trial and error are a-okay!

4. Set goals & actively look for the people you want to serve.

Make sure you set specific goals + stick to it! Make a pretty dream board as inspiration (we did!) Then make sure you’re seeking out people who could have an interest in your business – example: don’t put all your time into a 15-year-old for nursing home expertise. You have to work hard and put effort into something to get real results. Goals need to be made for you to move forward, otherwise, you will always feel content where you are and won’t be inspired to broaden your audience, sales, influence, etc. 

Our group is meant for women because there’s something about having a group of women behind you that even if you aren’t confident exactly where you’re headed, you can still accomplish moving forward with them by your side. 

What gives you inspiration? 

Your audience needs to know you’re there for them + if they aren’t sure what the next step is, be there. If they aren’t good at organization and reaching deadlines, try to help provide the resources for them to become more efficient. We want your group to be something that helps everyone grow. Being a part we want those who are just starting out or feel a little stuck to become thriving online business owners with clarity! Let’s help each other so that your business, our business, and all those we come in contact with will grow to be the very best we can be!