Listen, friend, your social presence + how you show up for your audience is so important. And SO much easier than you think!

Today we want to give you our strategy for coming up with + implementing a social strategy that is gripping, compelling, and makes you look like a pro on instagram.

SO… let’s tackle the question:

How to look like a pro on Instagram?

1.Theme it up!

There are so many different brands and one of the biggest thing consumers notice are quality aesthetics. One of our clients will often say “that does/doesn’t minister to my eye gate.” It makes us laugh but, in reality, she has a point.

Does this stand out from the crowd + compel me to dig deeper? It’s a simple yet important question.

So, how can you create a easy to follow + captivating theme?

  • Keep your photo aesthetics consistent with the feel or vibe of your brand.
    • If you are in design it’s best to be minimalist in photos- monochromatic, black/white, or simple is best.
    • If you are bright + colorful in branding pick a photo style this is complimentary but not overwhelming.
  • Know your niche + pick a design feel that speaks to your audience as much as it reflects who you are.

PRO TIP: Use an app like Planoly to upload your Instagram photos in a grid. You can move images around to ensure your post curation isn’t too cluttered + flows nicely with your overall design. Bonus: Planoly will now auto post to IG for you! Woot!

2. Make it personal

Your big goal should be to set yourself up as an authority while also inspiring authenticity. While we love a good stock photography site consider personal photos as well. There truly is something special about connecting with your audience in a face to face way. (even if the picture is one of you at that exact moment.)

While we are talking about personality + personability BE SURE to know your brand voice + carry it over to your social media. If you need some help head over to our shop HERE and snag a copy of our Brand Voice Questionnaire. It’ll help you so much!

Above everything- make personal connections.

  • Respond to your comments.
  • Send out DMs that aren’t spammy + salesy. Be comfortable connecting + creating space for new relationships.
  • Lift others up. Take opportunities to highlight others who are doing praiseworthy things. Throw encouragement around like sprinkles on the very best sundae!

3. Play the hashtag game.

Look, hashtags can be great… if you know what you’re doing.  But, can we be honest for a minute, using #entrepreneur is vague and not as targeted as a hashtag like #mompreneur (and even that is a broad one.)

Here are some tips to come up with a decent hashtag library.

  • Find an account in your niche or *le gasp* in your ideal audience niche and jot down hashtags that they are using.
  • Shuffle your hashtags regularly + don’t use the same set to post. This will help you avoid shadowbanning (you can learn more about that HERE)
  • Use sites like displaypurposes.com or top-hashtag to see relevant collections of keywords that are popular on IG.

4. Plan ahead

Make things easier for yourself by planning your posts out and have them scheduled with Planoly. (I know we keep mentioning it but seriously! You’ve got to try it! Giving yourself time to relax in between posts helps with keeping yourself free from stress + keeps your hands free of busy work!

  • We so fell in love with Planoly that we are now affiliated with the platform. If you’d like to try it feel free to follow THIS LINK + sign up! They have free + inexpensive plans. It’s so great! They have resources for analytics, insta-story creation + scheduling launching soon, and swipe up to SHOP links. SO. DANG. COOL.

5. Bring value + solve problems!

Having a serious strategy to how you approach social media is key. You have to know what your vision + mission for your brand is, what solutions your bring to what problems, and how to present those things effectively.

People don’t care that you played with your cat today unless somehow it directly relates to your business or the lifestyle your business creates. By no means am I saying stress about it- but definitely be intentional!

We LOVE Social Media + the incredible benefit it brings to your business and brand funnel. If you take anything from everything you read please put these main points in your bag:

  • Know your brand
  • Highlight your solutions
  • Be intentional
  • Know your worth

If you need any help with social strategy we’d be happy to do a Social Media audit + a complimentary Instgram Strategy for you- complete with suggesting posting schedules, graphic styles, and ways to make your photos POP!

You can schedule that HERE.

How to Look Like a Pro on Instagram