How to Work Around Shadowbanning on Instagram

Getting our businesses/brands out there is number 1 in any solopreneurs world. Social media is our number one platform. So what happens when social media does some (seemingly) shady things behind the scenes? Easy. We rally together and figure out the problem and sort out a workaround. So, we have put in some research and want to give you guys the details about shadowbanning with Instagram and some tips that may help you find a workaround. Here is our tips for How to Work Around Shadowbanning on Instagram.

First, what is Shadowbanning?

To sum it up- this is what people in the social media marketing world are referring to when we say that our Instagram is no longing performing correctly because of Instagram hashtag algorithms. Basically, IG seems to have created a new algorithm that essentially hides accounts from being viewable when certain hashtags are searched. (typically business accounts or personal accounts that appear to be business related). Only the people who follow you will be able to see your posts.

So, what do we do? How can we work around this? Here are some of the suggestions we’ve seen floating around that look like they are working for accounts that have been shadow banned.

How to Work Around Shadowbanning on Instagram

1. Switch to a personal account.

Apparently personal accounts are less likely to be affected (although IG says that they can be). But, switching from business to personal is the first step to start seeing momentum in your Instagram Marketing tactic

2. Switch up your Hashtags

According to posts that are floating around using the same hashtags for each post is one of the quickest ways to get shadowbanned. We suggest coming up with a larger collection of hashtags and coming up with rotations of your favorites with some least popular so that way you are still getting consistent viewing and not compromising your exposure.

3. Form on IG Pod

This will allow for a group of people to join together to cause positive interaction on posts and allow for more of an organic reach. These groups are about 10-12 people only. This is a great way to rally around your fellow bloggers and lady bosses to ensure we all see success!

4. Engagement is KEY

Pods are great but be sure you are posting content that makes room for engagement. Likes, comments, views- all of these are key to making sure that even IG algorithms will have to work hard to stop your growth.

5. Have great content

This goes with needing engagement but don’t limit yourself to just quotes, pictures, and standard things. IG now offers video and stories. Create content that grips the attention of scrollers. This world of e-commerce is not for the faint of heart. Around each corner is a new hurdle but teaming together is a great way to overcome and see success.

If you have any other questions about shadowbanning don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Blush House Media. We will do our best to help out however we can!