Must-Haves for a Glam Home Office

Alright, ladies! We’ve put together some incredible goodies for you in this here round-up post. Today we are talking Must-Haves for a Glam Home Office. We’ve got everything from The Blush Ladies very own pink couch {YES, we really own this couch! We love it so!} to office decor and coffee necessities!

There is something special about launching your very own business and all of us deserve to have a fantastic hub where we can go, sit in our creative space, and feel inspired {and do it all on a budget}! That’s why we thought this list of Must Haves was the best thing we could give you- all of our faves that work with a start-up budget.

So, without further ado here it is:

Must-Haves for a Glam Home Office


High Fashion {low-cost} Laptop Bag


We both can’t get over how much we love the Dachee Bags. There are so many colors available and make us feel oh so fancy walking into Starbucks to handle some client work. Seriously! Head over to Amazon and check it out.

Click HERE to check out all the fancy smancy bags and snag one. You deserve it!


Venti Sized Starbucks Cup- Every Working Girls Life Source


You’ll never be able to convince me that coffee isn’t essential to survival. If not coffee tea. If not either of those things than cute cups to drink copious amounts of water. Whatever! The point is we all need fancy drink wear to satisfy our thirst cravings and we are SWOONING over this Starbucks Black Acrylic Cold Cup. It carries us through our moody days and makes us feel chic when we are ready to glam things up.

Grab you a tall glass of something, darling. You look parched. 

Click HERE to grab your cup o’ joe.


Glam Frendz Brand Headphones


Y’all! One time I won a giveaway on Instagram. I’m not even kidding- it was one of those loop giveaways and I won a MacBook Air and a Pair of these exact headphones. As a Copywriter and Ghostwriter for books, I can’t tell you how many days I’ve cried over how amazing that experience was. These headphones are BOMB, y’all! Not only do they look beautiful but the quality is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

I’d purchase these beauties a thousand times- I mean if I didn’t already have a pair. 😉

Click HERE to check out your ears new best Frendz {see what I did there??}


Dubsado Pens


Okay, so maybe Dubsado doesn’t own this pen BUT they are the ones that introduced them to us. If you haven’t yet signed up for Dubsado then you are missing out not only on a BRILLIANT CRM but also a welcome box that comes with the most incredible pens I’ve used in my life. These are the only pens we ever want to use again. Can you have a love affair with pens?? If we’re wrong then we don’t wanna be right.

If you’d like to check out Dubsado then use this referral code for a FREE trial for up to 3 clients and then 20% off your first month or year depending on the subscription you use. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Top-notch customer service AND great pens. This company is boss. Referral Code: BLUSH

Click HERE to order the last pens you’ll ever use!


Customizable LightBox {That Looks Great on Camera}


We love a good piece of art. This one is extra special to us because you can change the message at will all while having quite a nice ambiance in your office. It comes with 109 Letters, Numbers, & Symbols making it perfect for a fun and interactive wall piece. Seriously, it’s great! And SUPER affordable!

Click HERE to check out your LightBox of encouragement.


Modern Eames Style Chair


We LOVE a clean vibe in our office. The clean lines, white office furniture, greys- I mean we are INTO the minimalist glam aesthetics. SO, these Eames Style Chairs are perfect for that look. Whether you need extra seating, a chair for your desk, or something to go around your dining room table, these are THE perfect chairs.

We’ve also never seen a better deal for a set of 4 chairs!

Click HERE to see your new thrones!


Wall Planters

We’ve done a good bit of research and found that having living plants in your office can be amazing for clarity, lifting moods, and providing cleaner air. So, of course, we had to find something decorative to put our plants in. I mean, let’s be real, we aren’t going to have a plain Jane office {no offense Jane, you’re great!}. These little babies were perfect.

Click HERE to get the new bed for your succulents.


THE Most Exquisite Couch

Call us biased if you want but there has never been a purchase that we are more proud of. When Blush House took off and became the powerhouse it is we knew we were going to be creating content and courses to teach other amazing women how to do what we are doing. So, obvs we had to have something special to record our courses on. This lovely pink beauty is in our office and has been used at conferences as part of our story to inspire women and in photo shoots to add beauty. It’s also my guest bed. Two birds, ya know.

They have other colors, but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you I love Pink best.

Click HERE to buy the last couch you’ll ever need. Probably.


Okay, so- there ya have it! Everything but the kitchen sink for your office. What’s your favorite??


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