Solving The Question: What to Call Yourself as a VA

What’s in a name?

That’s the question I found myself asking as I started this Virtual Assisting journey. What in the world do I call myself?! I didn’t like the ring of assistant because it has an employee vibe and I’m not an employee. I’m  contractor. I don’t work FOR my clients. I work WITH my clients. So that left the question, how do I explain everything about my business, my services, and myself all with one title. What to Call Yourself as a VA… That is the question

Such a daunting task.

So, I did what any reasonable entrepreneur does. I went to a Facebook Group and asked other people. Duh!

Can I tell you that I received the best suggestions! I read and read (and read and read) through so many comments of some clever names. BUT, beyond that, I read some of the best advice. (Be sure to download our FREE list of alternative names, though. I’m not crazy! I know that’s what you want to know. I got your back, friend!)

Solving The Question: What to Call Yourself as a VA

Here’s the scoop. It’s not about your name at all. Obviously, there is a necessity for some level of a title. However, the most important thing is the presentation. How do you communicate? How will people remember you?

I’m learning, on this journey with my clients, they could give a flying flapjack about what I call myself. They care about my follow-through, my understanding of their problem and my ability to solve it. They care when I show compassion for their hurdles (both business and personal).

When I’m bidding on a new project, potential clients could care less if I’m a VA, an OBM, a Designer, a Writer, or a Mermaid. They are looking for quality work, experience, and personability. Most of our phone calls were sparked because I didn’t sound corporate in my communication. I talk to them like an old friend. You know why that matters? Friends take pride in your business- corporations take pride in the dollar bills.

What’s my point? Pick a title! Seriously- do it! Make it a great one! But above that, be a human. Be professional but care about the person on the other end of the phone/email/Facebook message. That’s what people will remember.

Solving The Question: What to Call Yourself as a VA

Don’t forget to download that FREE list of alternative names to call yourself as a VA. It’s super fun! I am especially fond of #12.



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