Time Management & Effective Scheduling Tips

If I could have been given anything at the beginning of launching the Mompreneur journey it would have been a list of time management & effective scheduling tips. Our business was a unicorn in that it grew unusually fast and we just weren’t ready.

We’ve experienced the pitfalls of not having {or understanding} our CRM, scattering our project notes between notebooks, and forgetting to schedule calls around daily life and not in the middle of it. There have also been the days where I overbooked myself and let my husband and my daughter become a weight instead of the why behind having this business in the first place.

Going through each of these challenges has motivated us to do better with time management and figure out effective scheduling tools. Now, because I’m a good friend, I thought I’d share some of my best tips.

Here are my Time Management & Effective Scheduling Tips for your Life & Business.


It seems obvious I know, but there is a catch. Pick ONE {emphasis on ONE} place to host your to-do’s. Our issue with lists wasn’t that we didn’t have them it was that we had them everywhere. We bought cute {read: overly priced} calendars, had google events, notepads on all of our desks, phone reminders, & Asana. We were a mess of lists. It took my husband, the hero of our family, setting up our Trello and developing a system for us that worked. We could do it all day for our clients but, because of our rapid growth, we were struggling just to stay on top of invoices much less a calendar. Mad props to the husband and Trello for kicking our butts into shape!

Editorial Calendar

We have a wealth of knowledge between the two of us and we had plans on plans on plans to get the content out to you- but we didn’t have a path to deliver. So, one day we bit the bullet and mapped out 3 months worth of content in about 30 minutes {we can help you map out your content if you’d like}. All of the sudden our roadmap made sense and we felt an immediate sigh of relief. My suggestion: pick a day and block out one hour and do a brain dump. Write down every possible angle on the pieces of value you bring to the table, use Pinterest to find trending topics within your niche and target audience, and then map out your content around what people are asking for. Easy as pie!

Set Business Boundaries

It’s important to know what’s healthy and what’s hurtful when it comes to time management & scheduling. My goal is to only work on client work MAX 4 hours a day. That means my business plan has to map out what I need to earn to make that happen. It’s SO easy to get so wrapped up that you forget to look at the computer screen. BUT If you are clear with yourself {and your accountability partner *hint hint*} then you can limit yourself and manage your stress and effectiveness so much easier. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that when building your client base/courses/etc. that can be tricky. Just remember to be easy on yourself. Don’t burn out before you even have time to learn how enjoyable this business journey can be!

Use a Schedule Funnel

Okay, I made that term up BUT if you think about it- so. much. sense. If you start with a to-do list and map out your priorities from Top 3 to these can wait for tomorrow can streamline your process. We have a master to-do list and then we schedule out from there based off of client, day, etc. All of these are scheduled around our personal life because that’s our first priority- a healthy family and a healthy life. We have a FREE PDF Schedule Funnel for you to download. It’s great and is a fantastic place to start your process towards a streamlined scheduling system.

You’re going to rock this business thing! Even more than that you are going to rock this time management & scheduling thing. Just take these tips {and reach out if you need more} and watch your life get so much simpler.