Quick! What’s the one thing that is going to push the needle on your business, your client relationships, and ultimately your income? Hustle, right? The harder you work the further you’ll get? Nope, not even close girlfriend.

The key that unlocks all the steps you need to climb to ladder of success and growth is….mindset. But- why is mindset essential to growing your business? Where you set your focus and how you train yourself to think about certain aspects of business and life will be the north star to your success. That’s not so say it won’t take work, no you’re not getting off that easy. We’re just saying that hustle without heart and mind will leave you spinning in circles instead of climbing the mountain.

So, let’s tackle the question- Why is Mindset Essential to Growing Your Business

Where our focus goes so goes our feet

Every decision we make comes down to what we decide to set our sights on, on what we decide to focus. If we decide to focus on the positive, then we will make decisions that directly correlate to positive outcomes. And, visa versa, if we focus on the negative, then we will laser in on all that “could, should, or would” go wrong.

Think of it this way, the all too relatable weight loss scenario. Show of hands who here has tried to shed a few pounds and ultimately failed. Ohh! Hand raised high over here girl! We know we need to make a change, we get all worked up to start the diet “on Monday” and then hubs comes home with 2 gallons of ice cream cause’ he can literally eat anything and not gain an ounce. We get all salty and upset and start focusing on how there absolutely no way we can diet with ice cream in the house, and how could he do that, and now you’re never going to lose weight, and oh…..you realize that you just polished off a triple scoop sundae….oops. Your focus was in the wrong place! You could have focused on a. the salad in the refrigerator and how that could advance you to your goal, or b. the fact that if you eat the salad now, you can treat yo’ self later with maybe one scoop, because balance. And! If your hubs hadn’t bought the ice cream, there would be zero scoops. Allllll about that mindset. When we start thinking negatively, we start to foster unhealthy habits, in life and in business.

Complacency, excuses, comparison – all unhealthy lifestyle habits that remove the joy, and stall the progress we are trying to achieve. Making excuses in your business about how you’re “not ready to launch yet because it’s not perfect” or “So and So has a course just like mine, no one is going to like mine better” will never get you where you wanna go. You have to focus your thoughts on the positive, and exhibit gratitude toward yourself and others. That positivity and grace will give you the stamina and fuel to weather your entrepreneurial journey

Imposter Syndrom is Ruining You + You’re Better Than That

Another major mindset issue facing many of us is the dreaded “imposter syndrome.”  When we allow the “imposter syndrome” thoughts to sink in we diminish the value that we can provide to ourselves and others. One of our favorite verses here at Blush House Media is Esther 4:14 “Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created.” You were made for this girlfriend! Who’s to say that you weren’t? Sure you might not have all the answers, and you might not know all the systems, but dang! You sure do know a lot, and what you don’t know you can learn! Counteract those negative thoughts and feelings that overwhelm you with ice cream! Just kidding, maybe. Celebrate your successes, celebrate the positives and realize your value. We’re all just figuring it out as we go along. You, my friend, are no different. You are further than you were a year ago and that is something to be celebrated.

Money Mindset Matters

The last mindset we need to shift is how we think about and relate to money. This one is a biggie! Especially in business. The way we think and react to money can fundamentally make or break our income earning ability. If we negatively center money as the cause of what we don’t have, or can’t get, we are directly stalling our ability to increase profit. (Remember focus.) However, if we think of money as a mere piece of the bigger puzzle it doesn’t become the end all be all, and often times the root of our negative thoughts and habits.
Change up your perspective!
– You’re not “broke” you’re in a “season of saving.”
– Your business doesn’t provide free-flowing money for endless entertainment, rather provides income to care for your needs so you can focus your time in areas you enjoy.
– Your focus is on your abundance outside of monetary value, therefore the money that you earn and increased earning ability is more than enough to sustain your wellbeing.
– Instead of taking on work with clients outside of your enjoyment, you take on the client that fulfills your interest and work from a place of enjoyment.

Once you work from a place of enjoyment, your work and your service is of excellent caliber, earning repeat clients and referrals alike.

So what do you say friend? Are we in this together? Are we going to shift that mindset and focus on the positive instead of the negative? We won’t lie, it will seem foreign at first. But the old adage is true! Practice make perfect. That’s why we want to help you get started. Bookmark this post, come back and re-read whenever you start to feel those negative thoughts creep in. And jump on over to our website to purchase our Master Your Mindset Ebook with exclusive bonus affirmations we speak over our business every day. It’s on sale now, snag your copy and start affirming growth and success in all areas of life!

We love you, friend! And we’re cheering you on from the sidelines….celebrating you….with ice cream!


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